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Bringing Health Home: Recap of #frogHealth's Twitter Chat

On Thursday (6/4/09), frog design hosted its second live one-hour conversation on Twitter about Connected Home Health (CHH). Initially, we defined CHH as connected "ecosystems of people, devices, and services to better manage health & wellness at home" but the conversation extended far beyond a definition and generated some innovative ideas for the future of healthcare. (Participants even kept the debate going after the chat had "officially" ended).

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Connected Home Health: frogHealth's Newest Twitter Chat

We are excited to announce that our next twitter chat for #frogHealth will take place on Thursday June 4th, 2009 at 12:30pm ET. The topic for this edition is Connected Home Health, which we loosely define as connected ecosystems of people, devices, and services to better manage health and wellness at home.
Please join frog design (@frogdesign) and use the #frogHealth tag. Our past discussions have been very lively, deeply insightful, and fun for all of our participants. We hope that you can join and make it a great event.

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Recap of frog design’s Healthcare Twitter Experiment - #froghealth

On Tuesday (5/5/09), frog design hosted a live one-hour conversation on twitter about mobile health. It was our first time using Twitter for what was dubbed "curated crowdsourcing" by an event participant. Since it was an experiment, we didn't promote the event but we were happy to see we had just as many outside participants as frogs in the conversation. The debate was lively, and it generated some very interesting insights, which we've recapped below.

Based on the positive feedback we’ve received, we’re planning to do another healthcare session soon. The experiment also yielded some important insights about how to improve this kind of event. So please stay tuned to this blog and follow frogdesign on Twitter for more details.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first Twitter chat experiment exploring the theme of mobile health!