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Harness the Power of Conversations

A big part I love about the City is its magnetic nature of attracting different kinds of talents and hosting an open stage to stimulate new insights out of a diverse community.

Yesterday and today I spent a fair amount of time at the Hudson Theatre attending Conversational Marketing Summit, which is a part of the Internet Week saluting New York's thriving Internet industry. As the media industry plays such a strategic role in the city, the Internet Week here has an inherent focus on how to use technology and internet to reach and engage audience in the new media arena.

The two-day summit was mainly comprised of 15-minute case studies, which made the whole conference fruitful and efficient. With exponentially growing user base and user-initiated activities, conversational marketing is gaining more and more popularity among a myriad of entrepreneurs and marketers. Just think for one second about Elieen Naughton's statement: Youtube could be the third largest country in population if it were a country. Not to mention another fact: 51% of registered citizens go to this 'country' weekly or more often.

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