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City Language

Yesterday I stumbled upon a serious 7-page long Do You Belong to New York quiz on Time Out. It includes all the seemingly meaningless but nitty-gritty questions about living in the City, such as "What's the most you're willing to pay for a beer?". I have no clue how the score percentile would look like. My wild guess is that if you can nailed half of the questions down, you can live in the City happily ever after.

I didn't start the quiz yet. I even failed a random converstaion about DUMBO. When a friend asked me about the place I solo wandered last afternoon, what came up in my mind was that little cute flying elephant I adored in the kindergarten.

(If you already know what DUMBO is, you can take the quiz now instead of clicking in to read more...but if you don't, I'd like to babble a little bit further...)

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Laid-Back Outbound

When I was awoken by the morning sunshine today, I decided to get out of Manhattan after week-long changing weather. Since I arrived in the city two months ago, I've stepped out of the island for only a few times, partly because there are too many exciting things in Manhattan to get you bored and partly because it's kind of a "big" plan you have to make for seeing around outside the city yet without a car. But each of the few times was worthwhile and refreshing experience.

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Celebrating Cultures

Where is this place? What is going on there? Emma, are you still in the City?

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The City of Brotherly Love II: How to Present Art is Art

Benjamin Franklin Parkway is one of the must-see places in Philadelphia, from a visitor's point of view. If you have only one day planned in Philly, go spend a few hours in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. If you have one day plus available in town, I suggest you schedule a whole day for the Parkway, including enough time enjoying your favorite genre of art in the museums and strolling around Fairmount Water Works.

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What a Park Can Do

I should have continued my Philadelphia trio at this post. I wanted to find a nice outdoor place to write, so I came to Bryant Park. But as soon as I arrived here, I couldn't help indulging in this not-big yet culturally rich park. Thus I decided to report some fresh thoughts in the park.

Urban life has a lot in common no matter where you are. People recognize a city when they walk on the streets hugged by skyscrapers and a variety of retail stores. But a real city is more defined by millions of trivial details than by a mile of landmarks. It is the trivial details that make people remember a city as itself. The trivial details may be a local stranger giving you a token when you get lost in the subway station at midnight, or a clean public toilet with baby change tables and toilet covers, or you enjoying a pleasant afternoon peacefully in a lively park in the center of the city.

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The City of Brotherly Love I: Everything is History

I think it is interesting to visit historic places in some special days. For example, foreign visitors should come to Beijing to see the military parade for the country's 60th anniversary on the coming October 1st, or to be overwhelmed by deafening fireworks during the spring festival.

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Kaleidoscope: Prologue of a Chinese frog's Journey in NYC

There are a thousand New York City in a thousand people's eyes.

In someone’s eyes, the city is the playground of dream chasers, some of whom drag their suitcases to look for purposes in the city and start with an affordable apartment on avenue Q. In someone’s eyes, the city is the paradise of shoppers, walking non-stop from the world’s largest department store at Herald Square to boutique shops at SoHo. In someone’s eyes, the city is an endless feast table, on which are presented all kinds of authentic cuisine in different forms from open market food festival to fancy fusion restaurants with great ambience.

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