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Design Zen

Author David Sherwin travels to a Buddhist monastery in Japan to understand the work of a designer and where ideas come from. Listen to his adventure in this latest version of our design mind On Air podcast hosted by Chris Sallquist.

Read more about David Sherwin's discoveries from his journey in Zen and the Art of Design.

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We Are The Superheroes Of Today

frog Executive Creative Director David Merkoski explores the impacts that new technology has on design, including how it has affected his own perspectives on designing for the user experience. Merkoski proposes moving away from thinking about how to design a new experience in the “traditional mediums.”  Referencing the cell phone as an example, he suggests looking at the basic principals of space (the hardware, electrical engineering, aesthetics of the screen and buttons) and time (the experience one has engaging with those physical states over and over again).

After all, if designers are some of the superheroes of the future (and the future is now) what better way to change reality but with the manipulation of space and time?

Our second episode examines how designers can use their “superpowers” (read: their iterative design processes), to create the experiences they want users to have over time. How can everyone, from two designers in their garage to an innovation firm like frog, incorporate this process creatively into their work?

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On Air: The Power of Design Research

design mind's mission is to share insights into and provide commentary about global cultural trends at the intersection of design, technology, and business. This quest has taken many forms: a print magazine, original online content, blogs, video series, and a social media platform that continues to grow. Now design mind is venturing into the world of audio. It is our pleasure to bring you design mind On Air, a podcast that will introduce you to the designers, scientists, psychologists, sociologists, photographers, and thinkers at frog design — and the ideas they work with every day.

design mind On Air features designers, technologists, and business strategists sharing their thoughts on design and innovation. For each episode, the On Air host Chris Sallquist, from frog's Seattle studio, sits down with a fellow frog to discuss fresh perspectives on industry trends, emerging technologies, and global consumer culture.

Our first episode examines the influence of power in design research and the role of design research as a catalyst for examining our own assumptions and creating the “light bulb” moment. Chris talks to frog Creative Director Denise Gershbein about the challenges, motivations, and hilarious anecdotes that come with the profession.