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CCA Junior Critique

Last week was the culmination of a 16-week Industrial Design junior level class from the California College of the Arts (CCA). The class was divided into two groups with two different subject areas for the students to choose from. Myself, Max Burton from frog and Karson Shadley from Shape Field Office taught a segment on ‘wearable sound’ and Chris Luomanen of Thing-Tank and Rob Swinton from Huge Design taught a segment on ‘personal mobile safety.’ To enhance the level of realism and to develop connections with the local professional design community, we held the final presentation of the students’ work at frog design in our San Francisco studio and Lunar‘s head office in Potrero Hill with many local industrial design professionals as guest critics.

The course is intended to emulate a real-life design project. Students go through the entire design process from choosing an end user and discovering opportunity areas through design research. They then go onto concept exploration, sketching, model-making, 3D CAD and rendering and final presentation. We put an equal emphasis on problem solving and a rigorous design process as we did on the final physical form factor. In today’s competitive marketplace for industrial design it is essential that students demonstrate their capacity for original-thinking and problem-solving skills as well as the high mastery of skills that are fundamental to be a successful industrial designer.

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Tangible Thinking

One of the aspects about industrial design that I enjoy the most is that I can combine thinking and making together at the same time. As soon as I have even the vaguest of ideas, I'm off to the workshop. I find that my ideas truly come to life in the process of tinkering, modeling, experimenting, It’s a fuzzy, random moment where the thoughts buzzing around in my head somehow come together and form one cohesive idea. It’s a seemingly chaotic moment where intuition and logic are combined.