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My Way To Steve

On October 9, 2013 frog founder Hartmut Esslinger will publish his new book Keep It Simple – The Early Design Years of Applean insider’s account of the origins of Apple’s iconic products and brand. In this abridged chapter of “Keep It Simple,” Esslinger recalls his first meeting with Steve Jobs and how this encounter eventually led to “one of the most successful and influential alliances between a designer and an entrepreneur in the history of consumer technology.” We invite you to read this chapter and share your thoughts.


The Golden Ratio Otherwise Known as Feng Shui

Earlier this week, one of our visual designers in Shanghai shared a jpg file depicting the Apple Inc. icon, and its construction using circles and seemingly complicated math.  A native Chinese, he wondered if the Western icon had to be designed so pre-calculated in order to be considered as “good design.”  During our talks, I related this design principle to the established Chinese practice of Feng Shui.

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Are We Living in a Post-CEO World?

In a complex business environment, innovative companies must move from a guru model to one based on team leadership.

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Remarketables 9.20.11

This week's collection of remarkable links, curated by the frog marketing team.


Innovation Inspiration: What we can learn from non profits.

Jugaad, innovating with less: Inspirational story of one man who uses litter to light up homes.

Things Apple is Worth More Than: Astounding facts you won't believe.

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Remarketables 8.31

This week's collection of remarkable links, curated by the frog marketing team.

Philographics: Explaining philosophy through basic shapes.

Why Good Advertising Works (even when you think it doesn't).

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Setting the Bar, Learning from Failure, and Other Lessons from Steve

After a crazy couple of weeks in the consumer electronics/smartphone/computer/telecom mega-industry (it's really all one now), another bombshell arrived yesterday with the news that Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO and is taking on role of chairman of the board. In reality, it probably means he will be in an advising capacity not unlike what he's probably been doing for the last year while on medical leave. But still, a shock to the system.

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Steve Jobs' Bold Leadership

The following is an excerpt from A Fine Line: How Design Strategies Are Shaping the Future of Business, the book written by frog Founder Hartmut Esslinger in 2008. Hartmut and frog worked with Steve Jobs at Apple in the early 1980s to create the “Snow White” design language for the Apple IIc computer, and again in 1985 when Jobs briefly left Apple and started the computer company NeXT, where Hartmut and frog designed the NeXT Cube. In this passage from the book, Hartmut offers a glimpse into those tumultuous years for Apple and Jobs, and some insights into why the Apple CEO’s creative and strategic vision became so effective.

Seeing the Future and Supporting Bold Initiatives
By Hartmut Esslinger

To take another look at the power of bold and inspired leadership, let’s return to the story of Apple and its revolutionary leader, Steve Jobs. After I joined the company back in 1982, I quickly realized that Steve was almost fanatically focused on building Apple into the greatest consumer technology brand in the world—a focus that hasn’t wavered over the years. He has a sometimes-dictatorial manner that ticks off a lot of people, but he’s also a charismatic leader who inspires a deep-seated trust among his workers. Steve demands a lot from his team, and typical corporate mediocrity is not an option. He is and always has been the sole authority in determining what makes an “insanely great” Apple product and what doesn’t. Fortunately, his judgment is almost always right on—and when it isn’t, it’s close.

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Remarketables 8.22.11

This week's collection of remarkable links, curated by the frog marketing team.


Do You Suffer from Decision Fatigue?

Renovating the Fifth Avenue Cube: Apple's invisible advantage.

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Google and Motorola: Will it Blend?

The shockwaves of the recent announcement that Google is buying Motorola Mobility, the handset and device division that spun off from the Motorola mother ship not long ago, will continue to ripple far and wide. There are several reasons why this could be a great boost for Android, but also some major concerns about getting the two companies and their product lines to blend well

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Finding the Common Themes of Braun and Apple

The popularity of Apple's design aesthetic and the renewed interest in the work of Dieter Rams of Braun both stem from a common source: they represent calm and certainty in a time of chaos and angst.

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