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What Do frogs Read?

On a daily basis, frogs email tidbits of knowledge in the form of a podcast recommendation or an article link. We're constantly listening to the musings around us and believe keeping a list of podcasts, articles, and magazines is beneficial to our intellectual diet. So, we decided to pose a simple question to frogs around the world: What do you read? Below you'll find a list of the top five books, websites, podcasts, periodicals, and blogs we consume and love.

What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments. 

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PopTech 2011 Day One: Reframing Interactive Media

This year’s PopTech conference in Camden, Maine focuses on the theme of “Rebalancing”; it reflects the time of extreme transition we’re in as a global society and the turbulent reevaluation our systems and institutions are undergoing –whether it’s taking place in the environment or education, the economy or the media, healthcare or design.

But using the verb rebalancing almost implies that there was equilibrium in the first place.  As speaker and author Stephanie Coontz pointed out at the beginning of her talk, “rebalancing is not something you do once, it’s a way of life.”  

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M-Commerce 2.0

Telco 2.0 is a London-based research firm focusing on innovative business models for the telco industry. It cultivates a strong network of decision-makers from communicatons, media, banking, and technology and runs several industry conferences. frog is an official sponsor of this year’s Telco 2.0 New Digital Economics conference, M-Commerce 2.0: How Personal Data Will Revolutionize Customer Engagement.

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frog brings GE's Desert Quest to CES

We're putting the finishing touches on GE's first social game, GE Desert Quest. GE will launch the game at CES, its first year participating in the technology trade show. GE will use the show to highlight two key products to support a clean energy future: WattStation, which provides a rapid charge for your electric vehicle, and Nucleus, which helps you manage your energy consumption at home.

 Here's how it works: GE Desert Quest is all about energy efficiency and rewards participants who are as judicious with their energy as possible.

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Content This Week: Tabletapalooza

Magazine publishers are sure that 2011 is the year of the tablet. Again. According to the New York Times, last year was supposed to be the year of the tablet but it wasn’t because not enough people owned the devices. Now, that trend is poised to change with some suggesting that we are close to a “reading boom.” Lack of critical tablet mass is one theory as to why last year wasn’t all that great for digital versions of magazines. Others think that publishers just didn’t get it right. After the novelty of the magazine app wore off—and it wore off quickly, according to Frédéric Filloux at Monday Note—sales of iPad magazine apps dropped significantly from June to November. Why?

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Remarketables 10.28

This week's collection of remarkable marketing links, curated by the frog marketing team.

Hate the corporate logos and advertisements that bombard you? Unlogo is a unique web service hat eliminates logos and other signage from videos.

No time to read a long article? summarizes the article for you with its key points.

The Chief Marketing Technologist, a business/tech hybrid, a new breed of executives.

The Rise of The Corporate Transmedia Storyteller

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Print, Real People, and Shakespeare: A Content Strategy

Having just sent the November 2010 print issue of design mind to the printer, I think it’s an appropriate time to ask, “What the heck are we still doing in the print business?” It’s not easy building a magazine, I can tell you that. And it’s not cheap (though that depends on how frequently one publishes and what kind of creative resources one has access to; we go to press two times a year and have a company full of creatives with plenty of diverse points of view). So what’s the deal? Why do we bother, especially when the iPad and other tablets seem to be starting a new, lucrative, and broadly appealing chapter in magazine publishing?

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Mobile Breathes New Life Into Media

kress report, a leading German trade magazine for the media industry, interviewed frog’s Chief Creative Officer Mark Rolston on tablet PC’s, the future of journalism, and how the computer will change human behavior and further increase the importance of content.

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Remarketables 8.5

This week's collection of remarkable marketing links, curated by the frog marketing team.

Disney enters the social web gaming battle

Six Social Business Trends to Watch

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10 Reasons Why TV is Good For You

Our friends from the Norman Lear Center, one of the world’s leading think tanks and research institutions devoted exclusively to entertainment, is celebrating their 10th anniversary in style – with a list of ten good reasons why TV, the last remaining mass medium, is good for you: “We've heard the arguments: How TV is bad for us, how it's linked to violence, the obesity epidemic, the dumbing down of culture. At the Norman Lear Center we've made it our business to study entertainment -- televised and otherwise -- and believe that whatever its downsides, TV also has much to contribute to a healthy, connected and well-informed society.“

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