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The Facial Recognition Revolution

The revolution is right here in front of us; we just can’t see it yet.

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The Next Smartphone Frontier: Prepaid

We live in a unique cellphone bubble in North America: We are the only region in the world where the majority of people get their cell phone service with a subscription. Here, prepaid phones are a fringe minority, relegated to lower-income populations, very infrequent users, and loaner phones. But in the rest of the world, prepaid phones vastly outnumber subscriptions, in some cases by 5-10x.

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Remarketables 6.22.11

This week's collection of remarkable links, curated by the frog marketing team.

Dear Photo: A project that calls on people to take a picture of a picture from their past in the present.

Hipstamatic/Instagrams: A reflection of a larger trend in society to create "nostalgia for the present."

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Don't Criminalize Test-Driving Your Competitors

In a talk earlier this year to employees, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop asked a question that many were probably afraid to answer truthfully, given how Nokia is struggling to combat the iPhone. As BusinessWeek described it:

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Aged to Perfection

By the time you finish reading this, both of these consumer products will have been recycled at a local e-waste facility.

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The Keys to Keeping a New Year's Resolution? Facebook and Foursquare

Social networks can be fun and good for you at the same time. Coinciding with the launch of MTV’s new mini docu-series on overweight teens trying to manage their health, frog launched Tempt’d. Tempt’d is a new application from frog to help people resist everyday temptations with the support of their online social networks.

It's easy to forget the commitments you shared with family and friends in the fading hours of 2010. That's the trick with New Year's resolutions: They rarely stick for very long. We can often chalk these failures up to faults in our hard-wiring; as scientists have shown, our best intentions rarely rule the day. But over the last 12 months I've been interested in looking at how social networks might tip the balance in your favor.

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Apps, Apps, and More Apps

"They have become a filter for our world," writes PSFK in a post on the "History of Apps," and points to this great infographic from Online MBA that at least gives us a sense that this fast-growing genre is somehow manageable.

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Remarketables 7.13

This week's collection of remarkable marketing links, curated by the frog marketing team.

Ecoimagination: GE's commitment to imagine and build innovative solutions to today's environmental challenges while driving economic growth

Blogging is not dead: The future composts the past

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Why Apple is the New Master of Craft

Whatever you may think about Apple there is no denying that they continue to set new standards for craft. Craft? Yes, that seemingly old-fashioned word that many confine to quilting, scrap-booking and other pursuits often disparagingly categorized as women's activities. My alma mater, the California College of the Arts, dropped the word craft from its name years ago, feeling that it was dragging the image of the school down. But craft as a concept has made something of a comeback in recent years, and no-one in the mass-production realm is doing it better than Apple.

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Friend Your Foes - Adobe’s Conversational Apple Ad

Now this is just brilliant. Adobe has found the only possible way to respond to the lack of love it is getting from Apple – EVEN MORE LOVE.

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