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Mobile Design Will Enhance the Lives of Smallholder Farmers

Approximately 500 million underserved smallholder farmers (small single family farms) around the world lack access to critical information, financial services, and markets needed to support their livelihood. With mobile phone penetration in the developing world exceeding 70%, the mobile channel presents a compelling market opportunity to deliver life-changing services to these marginalized farmers. 

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Today’s Phones and Tablets Will Die Out Like the PC

The personal computer is dying. Its place in our lives as the primary means of computing will soon end. Mobile computing—the cell phone in your pocket or the tablet in your purse—has been a great bridging technology, connecting the familiar past to a formative future. But mobile is not the destination. In many ways mobile devices belong more to the dying PC model than to the real future of computing.

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Of Bears, Bats, and Bees: Making Sense of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (or IoT) is finally going mainstream. Not only do I read about it frequently online, but I’m now talking about it with clients at frog. Unfortunately, as it has become popular, it has also grown to the point where it can span everything from home Wi-Fi networks to smart cities. Much like the story of the three blind men describing an elephant, the essence of IoT depends on your point of view.

What we need is a simple breakdown, both physically and functionally, so we can discuss the many facets and challenges ahead. The simplest is to start by device category as there is a huge range of devices that can be thought of as being part of the Internet of Things. Fortunately, there are really only three broad physical categories: Bears, Bats, and Bees.

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Triumph of the Mundane

Smart devices require a significant shift in thinking

This blog explores how to design smart devices. But these new devices are just so new and require such new insights, that our quaint, old school notions of UX design are completely blinding us. We are stuck between the classic paradigm of desktop computers, and the futuristic fantasy of smart dust. The world is either fastidious or fantastic. The path ahead is hard to see. Alan Kay said the best way to predict the future is to invent it… but what if we don't know what we want?


China: Creators and Consumers of the Future


China, the second-largest economy in the world, is considered home to the world’s factories, manufacturing everything from zippers to photovoltaic cells.  With its population of over 1.3 billion and still a booming economy, consumption has been on the rise, leading to a new class of super consumers bred on instant gratification and constant connectivity.


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frog at Mobile World Congress Recap

Last week, frog took part in Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, the world’s largest gathering of the telecom industry (with a record 70,000 attendees this year) and an increasingly important forum for everything that falls under the rubric “Connected World.”

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Fast Change and Scary Numbers at MWC 2012

Walking down the main avenue here at Mobile World Congress I watched some gulls having an arial battle, oblivious to the crowds below who all work for companies fighting it out in the turbulent mobile industry. The pace of change in mobile was a theme running throughout the keynote/panel with John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, René Obermann, CEO of Deutsche Telecom, and Ben Verwaayan, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent. The topic was ostensibly mobile cloud, but the discussion touched on subjects that affect all of the mobile industry, primarily from carrier and network infrastructure standpoints.

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M-Commerce 2.0

Telco 2.0 is a London-based research firm focusing on innovative business models for the telco industry. It cultivates a strong network of decision-makers from communicatons, media, banking, and technology and runs several industry conferences. frog is an official sponsor of this year’s Telco 2.0 New Digital Economics conference, M-Commerce 2.0: How Personal Data Will Revolutionize Customer Engagement.

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Mobile Apps Must Die

I've written previously that the history of mobile has been a long, painful process of copying desktop computers and then sheepishly realizing that it just doesn't quite work right. This is actually the way of all progress, not just in technology. Art and music follow a similar pattern of copy, extend, and finally, discovery of a new form. It takes a while to shed old paradigms. 

Mobile apps are clearly successful and in some cases, very profitable. For me to say they MUST die appears to fly in the face of overwhelming evidence. But all things come and go, especially so in fast paced world of technology. When a paradigm shift occurs it's rarely because the old model is hated or even useless, it just can't take advantage of new opportunities. The old guard clings to their ways, angrily shouting that everything is perfectly fine, you're exaggerating!

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Remarketables 9.14.11

This week's collection of remarkable links, curated by the frog marketing team.

Your Next Home Will Be a Robot: The future of smart homes.

Concept You from Volvo: Combining exquisite design with smart pad technology.

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