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TED Comes to frog: Lunchtime Conversations on DIY Biology and Smart Materials

To celebrate the recent publication of the "Radical Openness" issue of Design Mind magazine, created in partnership with TED, frog welcomed two 2012 TEDGlobal speakers to the New York studio to share their work. On November 13, Ellen Jorgensen, the president and co-founder of community biology lab Genspace (pictured above), joined us for lunch and discussed how DIY biology is both a growing segment of the Maker movement and a compelling source for innovative new materials and fresh product and service ideas. On November 15, Catarina Mota, a TED Fellow and visiting scholar at New York University, shared her research into simple, DIY smart materials and announced a new initiative she is co-organizing to mobilize Makers to help develop humanitarian solutions. Both events were available via video- and phone-conferencing to frog studios around the world.

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Out in the Open

“All man’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone,” the 17th century philosopher Pascal famously said. Four centuries later, however, research asserts a direct correlation between openness and happiness. It turns out humans are social animals, after all. “Openness is the freedom to be one’s self,” one self-help blog states, representative of common belief. I concur. In my life, openness has been a prerequisite for almost anything good happening to me – from moving to the U.S. to meeting my wife to, most recently and fittingly, speaking at a TED conference focused on the theme of “Radical Openness.”

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A lot of you reading this work on bringing new products and services to market, you understand that twinge of pride when it ships. Some of have start-ups requiring a whole different level of energy and commitment. But how about starting a country? What would that take?

I was at TEDxJuba last week, held on the banks of the White Nile on the one year anniversary of the birth of South Sudan following its independence. The theme of the event was New Nation, New Ideas and as you might expect from people that have been through so much it showcased local stories of overcoming overwhelming odds to bring a nation together and ultimately push things forward.

New Ways to See Music (With Color! And Fire!)

Jared Ficklin, a Senior Principal Technologist at frog Austin, creates wild visualizations that let us see music, using color and even fire (a first for the TED stage) to analyze how sound makes us feel. He takes a brief digression to analyze the sound of a skatepark -- and how audio can clue us in to developing creativity.

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Radical Openness: How to Best Understand it, Manage it, Harness it?

Not so long ago, in the mid-2000s, many conversations in offices, schools, and even parties centered around the exciting concept of radical openness made possible by then-new social media. But now, as the 2010s are in full swing and social media are established, dominant platforms, how can we--as designers, strategists, organizations, consumers, and individuals--best harness the widespread acceptance of radical openness? The recent TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, offered a fascinating and widely varied lineup of speakers who, collectively, helped to answer this question. Or at least will help propel the discussion forward, long after the conference ended on June 29.

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frog's Burning Man at TED 2012


frog Senior Principal Technologist Jared Ficklin isn’t your typical gadget geek (in fact, he was once on the PBS reality show, Texas Ranch, challenged with living the tech-free life of an 1867 cowboy).

When he isn’t designing user experiences and thinking about the future of interaction choreography, you might find him in the bowl of an Austin skatepark (he founded and codirects the Austin Public Skatepark Action Committee) or you might see him creating sound visualizations in unlikely mediums.

Now, the man behind the edgy tech hacks at the annual frog SXSW Interactive Opening Party will be bringing his edgy presentation to a new stage: this year’s TED Conference in Long Beach. design mind caught up with Jared to discuss his journey to TED, what we can expect from a new presentation of fiery sound displays, and a sneak peak at the playful tech behind this frog's SXSW Interactive Opening party this year. 

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Embracing Openness

Rotman magazine, the print and online quarterly of the Rotman School of Management, has just released its new (Winter) issue, devoted to the theme “Open.” Openness has been a buzzword for a while, ever since Henry Chesbrough wrote his seminal book on Open Innovation, but, to apply Gartner’s Hype-Cycle terminology, now it seems as if Openness has finally reached a plateau of productivity after going through years of troughs of disillusion.

Getting a TED Education

A new curriculum for expanding your understanding of the world.

Letter From the Editor

Letter From the Editor

European Director of TED Bruno Giussani sets the stage for the Stuff of Life.

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TEDGlobal 2011: Day 3

Here's the third full day of the conference. Another solid group of speakers.

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