Health: Refactored

Health:Refactored, a code- and design-focused conference for health, will be taking place at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View on May 13 - 14. The 2-day conference will provide developers and designers with the opportunity to hone health tech skills, access coveted industry APIs, and interact with industry leaders in user-led sessions. By attending, developers and designers will learn how to build and scale impactful products to improve people’s health and the health care system that serves them.

Milan Design Week

Open Studio
April 9th 7-10 PM
No Reservation Required.

frog will open its studio to the public, showcasing recent innovation programs for Italian and international clients.
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Compostmodern 2013

The sixth installment of Compostmodern will kick off Friday morning (March 22) at the Palace of the Fine Arts. Presented biennially by AIGA San Francisco, the two-day conference draws speakers and attendees from around the world to examine the intersection of design and sustainability. This year’s event explores the role of designers in creating social, ecological and economic resilience.

“Sustainability implies the sustaining of a system under its current state.” said the event’s Executive Producer and Curator Sarah Brooks in a recent converastion with design mind, “Resilience accepts the inevitability of change as the status quo. It’s about responding to change and working with the unexpected.”

In a global and interconnected world, Brooks continued, “Our new normal means a lot of our challenges are nonlinear challenges.”

“Resilience science is about understanding ecological systems, which are complex, adaptive systems. Our human systems are a mirror of those. Looking at the quality of what makes a resilient system, will hopefully reveal some answers to us about what the opportunity spaces are for working more effectively in the world.”

The first day of the conference will feature a series of brief talks and conversations that map the theme of resilience on personal, community, organizational, and cross-cultural levels. On the second day, participants will break out into small groups for a Future Blitz with John Bielenberg, allowing participants to break out into small groups and reframe the previous day’s themes and questions in a personally relevant way.

“The purpose is to ground those explorations and provocations into action." Brooks explained, "As designers, a lot of the conversations we have are about changing other people’s behaviors but not necessarily addressing our own. One thing I’m really excited is exploring how we—as individual starting points as well as parts of these larger systems—can work better in the in the world and better with each other. What are the skills, techniques, and methods we need to work effectively?”

frog is excited to join the Compostmodern conversation. For more information and to register to attend click here.

Brands in the Connected Age

What's next for brands in an era of ambiguity and paradox? On November 11, frog's chief marketing officer Tim Leberecht will join the entrepreneurial network Sandbox for a thought-provoking event ahead of the World Economic Forum Summit on the Global Agenda in Dubai. Tim will join fellow members of the WEF Global Agenda Councils, Brian Collins of COLLINS and Sujata Keshavan of the Brand Union, as well as Wolff Olins' Charles Wright in a discussion exploring the changing dynamics of business and branding. Please RSVP to join the conversation.

Open Mobile Summit: Mobile First

Now in its fifth year, the Open Mobile Summit will connect 800 influencers in converging mobile, media, commerce, and apps. This year’s event focuses on the theme “Connecting Everything: Mobile First” and will take place in San Francisco from November 7-9. The Open Mobile Summit offers attendees the industry's pulse across diverse perspectives.

Paul Pugh will discuss innovating mobile experience design during this year’s event. In his role as Vice President of Creative, Paul leads frog’s focus on the fast-evolving mobile industry and software design. He will be joined by Joff Redfern, LinkedIn’s Director of Mobile, and Steve Jang, Soundtracking’s CEO, in identifying the key elements of successful ‘mobile first’ experiences.

If you’re interested in attending, use our VIP code frog for our special rate. There's also saver pricing available through this Friday October 12. Please note that places are limited and the event usually sells out.

frog at DRC: The Adjacent Possible

This year’s Design Research Conference (DRC), presented by the IIT Institute of Design, focuses on the “adjacent possible.” As designers work on a broadening scope of problems, design research is evolving to include diverse disciplines, approaches, and tools. Exploring emerging influences on the practice of design research from outside the design community, DRC’s lineup will feature speakers from a wide range of fields including behavioral economics, storytelling, and computer science.

frog is collaborating with DRC to facilitate the event’s interactive sessions. Sharing insights on how frog “designs” research activities, frog’s DRC team will involve conference attendees in an original, event-wide design research process. frog’s sessions will engage attendees to gather information, reflect on what they’re learning throughout the event, and distill a shared understanding of what emerges as significant to the attendees. Throughout the process, the conference audience will directly experience the power of creatively-structured activities to reveal the “adjacent possible” by provoking thought and distilling insight.

frogTHINK at Health 2.0: The Power of Disruptive Thinking

frog and Health 2.0 are collaborating to bring a health-focused frogTHINK to Health 2.0’s 6th Annual Fall Conference. Every year, over a thousand industry leaders congregate at the San Francisco conference to witness and explore the biggest innovations in health technology. This year, attendees will have an inside look at how frog approaches concept development and fosters disruptive thinking.

Truly innovative and disruptive ideas arise when people are pushed outside of their usual patterns of thinking and methods of problem solving. The health care industry is ripe for disruption as it continues to suffer from a reported $750 billion per year in wasted spending. This fifty-five minute workshop will challenge participants to rethink traditional health care practices and create new, focused concepts around on how to improve them. Led by frog facilitators, multi-disciplinary teams will build on each member’s expertise to create viable, informed solutions.

Portfolio Slam Munich

frog’s Portfolio Slam is an open call for design talent - from visual to interactive, intern to director, artist to geek. Our European creative leadership will be at Museum Brandhorst, ready to see your skills, your secret passions, your knack for detail and your vision for the future. Come show us what you’ve got! Here’s the when & where: Date: September, 17, 2012 from 4 to 8pm Location: Museum Brandhorst Theresienstraße 35a, 80333 München, please see for more detailed information.

TEDGlobal Streaming at frog in Johannesburg

“Radical Openness” is this year’s theme for TEDGlobal, which will be streamed live in frog’s Johannesburg studio on Wednesday 27 June 2012. As the world becomes ever more interconnected, the ways we relate, the means by which we learn about one another and develop mutual understanding, and the rules about what we hide and what we share are changing. That's the inspiration for TEDGlobal 2012 in Edinburgh. The future will be built on great ideas, and for that, great ideas need to circulate freely, broadly and openly.

Living up to this year's theme TED and frog invite you to join a special get-together in frog’s Johannesburg studio. As official partner of the TEDGlobal conference frog will stream the event in association with TEDxSoweto in a conference live link with Edinburgh. A great opportunity to connect with other TED community members, enjoy an afternoon of “Radical Openness” and therefore share thoughts on the “ideas worth spreading” presented on the TED stage in Edinburgh.