frog at DRC: The Adjacent Possible

This year’s Design Research Conference (DRC), presented by the IIT Institute of Design, focuses on the “adjacent possible.” As designers work on a broadening scope of problems, design research is evolving to include diverse disciplines, approaches, and tools. Exploring emerging influences on the practice of design research from outside the design community, DRC’s lineup will feature speakers from a wide range of fields including behavioral economics, storytelling, and computer science.

frog is collaborating with DRC to facilitate the event’s interactive sessions. Sharing insights on how frog “designs” research activities, frog’s DRC team will involve conference attendees in an original, event-wide design research process. frog’s sessions will engage attendees to gather information, reflect on what they’re learning throughout the event, and distill a shared understanding of what emerges as significant to the attendees. Throughout the process, the conference audience will directly experience the power of creatively-structured activities to reveal the “adjacent possible” by provoking thought and distilling insight.