Reinvent Business: A Special Hackathon

From Occupy Wall Street to corporate breakup letters in The New York Times, the widening “trust gap” between business and society can’t be ignored. Almost half a decade of financial fallout has diminished companies’ social capital while dramatically redefining the challenges they face. As we grow more interconnected and interdependent, the lines between the corporate and the social blur. Still, despite countless social responsibility pacts and codes of conduct, businesses continually make decisions disconnected from society’s needs.

In this crisis of corporate meaning, the need for a real understanding of the common human values that connect business and society grows increasingly significant. Transparency, inclusivity, individual empowerment and organizational responsiveness are crucial in restoring trust between civic society and business. Yet, the challenge remains: how do we translate these values into day-to-day corporate behavior? What are the tools necessary to transform business from within?

On June 8-9, Reinvent Business, an interdisciplinary hackathon, will harness the power of social technology to fully realize the human potential within business. We’re challenging software developers, designers, academics, gamers, film-makers, writers, leaders in business and other clever problem solvers to imagine, design, and build a truly social enterprise. Join us.