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Purchase the current issue of the award-winning design mind magazine or collect them all. Since its premiere in July 2008, design mind has been widely recognized by the design and business community as well as by publications such as BusinessWeek, Forbes, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Core77, who called it “a tightly designed, thoughtful tool.” The magazine was selected as a winner for 365: AIGA Annual Design Competitions 30, STEP magazine’s STEP Inside Design 100, and Creativity + Commerce, Print magazine’s International Business Graphics review.

  • Radical Openness

    Issue 17
    Sold Out

    As interconnectivity redefines how we relate and communicate with one another, traditional boundaries are constantly changing. In this increasingly fluid world, openness takes on new meanings. Our fourth TEDGlobal issue explores the conference’s theme “radical openness.” Highlighting and expanding the conversation that began in Edinburgh, design mind and TED bring together diverse perspectives to examine openness from several angles- revealing its possibilities and its risks.

  • Passion

    Issue 16
    Sold Out

    What is the thing that eats the clock as if it didn’t exist—that thing you work at and think about with such pleasure and excitement that it doesn’t feel like work at all? Passion is contagious. But it also has a dark side, and change is not always pretty—not at first. Indeed, there’s a fine line between desire and obsession, between excitement and madness. This issue explores all these ideas and more, while giving a glimpse of what, in fact, frogs are passionate about.

  • The Stuff of Life

    Issue 15
    Sold Out

    Life is complex, often messy, and always glorious. It is this “stuff” that we sought to explore in our third annual TEDGlobal special issue. We take a behind-the-scenes look at the annual conference held this year in Edinburgh, Scotland with feature articles, interviews, and photography to explore the conference's theme, The Stuff of Life.

  • The Connective Issue

    Issue 14
    Sold Out

    With more devices tapped into the Internet than there are people on Earth, people are now more connected than ever. Issue 14 explores all the ways we come together: from a behind-the-scenes look at how Facebook executes its design strategies to successfully connect hundreds of millions of people online, to in-depth essays on how death, government transparency, and courtship are all being re-defined in the Internet era.

  • And Now The Good News

    Issue 13
    Sold Out

    For our second annual TEDGlobal special issue we traveled to Oxford, England, to discover the seeds of optimism sprouting around the world, despite the doom and gloom dominating world headlines. And yes, the future looks bright.

  • Work – Life

    Issue 12
    Sold Out

    Gone are the days of the 25-year career. The nine to five work week is a relic. The boundaries between work and life are more blurred than they’ve ever been. Issue 12 explores the precarious balance between work and life, if such a thing still exists.

  • The Substance of Things Not Seen

    Issue 11
    Sold Out

    This special issue features articles, photography, and interviews that capture the ideas, conversations, and moments on-stage and off of the 2009 TEDGlobal conference in Oxford, England, dedicated to the theme "The Substance of Things Not Seen."

  • Power

    Issue 10
    Sold Out

    Recession has altered the economic landscape, and the social Web continues to challenge conventional hierarchies. Now meaning is more important than materialism. Issue 10 explores new definitions of influence and power. Who has it, and where can you find it?

  • Motion

    Issue 09
    Sold Out

    Travel, technology, and ideas—everything moves for different reasons and at different speeds. From Obama’s recent victory in the presidential campaign, to the ailing auto industry, to one person’s struggle with ADHD, Issue 09 explores how we move.

  • Numbers

    Issue 08
    Sold Out

    The premiere print issue of design mind explores the typography of numbers with legendary designer Erik Spiekermann, along with a look at slot machines, a new singularity, and the cell phone subscription explosion in China.

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