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Energy Efficiency and Health Care

According to Thomas Sutton, the general manager of frog’s Milan studio, energy efficiency and health care are on a collision course — and for medical professionals it’s a growing problem. That’s because there’s an increasing trend towards the creation of medical devices that run on Lithium Ion batteries, which brings up the logistical problem of making sure batteries are charged, plus the fact that there is currently no standardization for the chargers themselves. As Sutton points out in this video interview from February’s LIFT Conference in Geneva, this all points towards a design opportunity.

“Every battery powered device has it’s own transformer, which means we’re distributing 240 or 110 volt AC power, only to have everyone convert that into 3.7 to recharge their batteries,” he says. “If you start to imagine that the internal power network in buildings is no longer aimed at providing power for devices while they’re running but is primarily aimed at recharging devices that are being recharging, then that internal network can be rethought.”

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