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The Medium Doesn’t Matter

frog Principal Designer Laura Seargeant Richardson gave the second-day keynote speech at MIT’s Sandbox Summit conference, an annual conference dedicated to ensuring the next generation becomes active play innovators rather than passive consumers of technology. Fresh from a previous ToyCon speech on “Rethinking Roles: We are All Designers of Play,” Richardson this time tackles the larger challenge of shifting children’s behavior from game player to game designer (an important distinction). She identifies four foundational requirements for creativity: open environments, flexible tools, malleable rules and finally, the “super powers” of play necessary to train our brains for 21st century challenges. Richardson reveals an experimental game concept that would be the ideal form of design and play for children and a frog-devised hack – a “paint and play” turntable that has been modified through technology to play paintings, colors and even LEGOs. Play is the greatest natural resource in a creative economy – let’s help kids make more.

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