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The Ride Ahead

Letter from the Editor

At frog we focus on issues that are transformative and complex; we thrive on solving problems at scale and working with clients to make big ideas real.

Transportation offers this opportunity. Designing for the transportation industry encourages us to imagine technical possibilities while we consider organizational constraints. It challenges us with global economic implications and local market variations. And this work highlights the interconnectedness of physical and social mobility, which makes transportation such a critical need for people and communities around the world.

In this edition of DesignMind, we focus on personal transportation and offer solutions to the multiple pressures manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, and scooters confront daily. For example, in a global survey conducted by frog and underpinning several articles presented here, we found that people are increasingly ready for alternatives to vehicle ownership. We address this changing relationship with recommendations that meet consumers’ needs while keeping manufacturers in the game. From our ongoing automotive work, we know that car development cycles struggle to keep pace with digital innovation. In response we offer actionable guidelines that address everything from dashboard details to organizational structure.

While we are always mindful of technical possibilities and market realities, our solutions revolve around drivers and riders. Several articles explore the desire for control and personal freedom that car owners around the world expressed in our survey. Others uncover insights through interviews with motorcycle enthusiasts and entrepreneurial scooter owners. These stories highlight both individual product needs and larger ecosystem opportunities.

Our transportation research demonstrates the value of connection. Vehicles must connect to products and services that provide value for owners. Manufacturers should partner with other like-minded visionaries to create seamless experiences across multiple forms of transportation. And the public and private sectors need to come together to build shared platforms and regulate new solutions.

In “The Ride Ahead” we offer next steps for those who will join us in designing and building these connections. These articles explore the transportation future we are working to create: one in which individual needs and collective goals are realized by an efficient, accessible, and sustainable mobility system.

Amy MacMillan

As global editor, Amy worked with frogs around the world to craft stories about the impact of design and technology on society.

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