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The Ride Ahead

Transportation Study Appendix

Survey Methodology Summary for 'The Ride Ahead'

We gathered data from 1,199 respondents in June 2015 using a web survey administered in the U.S., Germany, Denmark, and China (nearly 300 respondents per country). Surveys were administered in English, German, Danish, and Mandarin, respectively. We screened for gender, age, and access to technologies such as phones and computers to ensure that the sample reflected the characteristics of the general population for each country.

Survey topics included participants’ use of (and preference for) various modes of transportation and transportation-related activities, their attitudes about being a car owner, relevant psychographic information (e.g., to what extent they believe that automobiles are dangerous, or to what extent they try to minimize their impact on their environment), and other relevant behavioral, attitudinal, and demographic information.

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