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Where to Find frog at SXSW 2018

Here are all the talks, presentations, and panels featuring frogs during SXSW:

Finding Design in the Criminal Justice System
Friday, March 9th,  5 – 6 PM
Prosecutor Kelsey McKay realized that strangulation was not being taken seriously enough by first responders or victims. To help convict strangulation perpetrators at trial, McKay created a field investigation tool that resulted in a 36% increase in filed offenses in just one year. frog Associate Strategy Director Ryan Menefee joins McKay in this co-presentation that will explore how law enforcement agencies can replicate this success, and how designers can apply design research at government-sized scale.


Death and Legacy in the Digital Age
Saturday, March 10th, 11  – 12 PM
We are hyper aware of how we create, curate and live with digital versions of ourselves. We design digital experiences with life in mind. In this solo talk, frog Senior Strategist Rebecca Blum asks what happens to those digital selves in death? How might we also start designing with the inevitability of death in mind? And with new start-ups holding out the promise of a digital reincarnation, how do we ensure we clearly differentiate between digital life and digital afterlife?


Designing the Next Wave of Natural Language and AI
Sunday, March 11th, 11  – 12 PM

We’ve seen huge changes in technology recently; the evolution of the web, the mobile revolution, and now the beginning of AI and ubiquitous computing. But what new future should we design? Speakers from Google, frog Design and Microsoft will discuss and debate AI Next. What new experiences should we unlock in an intelligent, connected, interactive world that surrounds us? Will speaking be enough or will we have to invent new ways of interacting? What shouldn’t we ask AI to do? Panelists include: Karin Giefer, Executive Creative Director, frog; Ed Doran, Co-founder, Cortana, Microsoft; Charlie Kindel, Alexa, Amazon; Ben Brown, Product Lead, Google.


Innovation by Design Live! @FASTCO GRILL
Monday, March 12th, 1 – 1:45 PM  

Each year with the Innovation by Design issue and awards, FastCo seeks to answer the question: Where is design headed next? Oonie Chase, Executive Creative Director, frog joins the conversation along with a panel of designers working in various disciplines–from graphic to experiential, digital, and beyond–to weigh in on what’s next. 


Principles of Sense Augmentation
Monday, March 12th, 5 – 6 PM
In this session, Fabiola Einhorn (Interaction Designer, frog) and Eryn Whitworth (Postdoctoral Researcher, Oculus VR) will introduce design principles inspired by the body hacking community and informed by social science research. They will discuss how to enhance existing healthcare products, as well as designing new products for fostering empathy in healthcare, raising the question: How do we design responsibly as technology moves closer to the body?



frog is a global design and strategy firm. We transform businesses at scale by creating systems of brand, product and service that deliver a distinctly better experience. We strive to touch hearts and move markets. Our passion is to transform ideas into realities. We partner with clients to anticipate the future, evolve organizations and advance the human experience.

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