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Designing Financial Services Around Your Customer

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that companies align around their customers and designers have the tools to lead the way. Harry West shares insights on designing around your customer in his recent CFSI Emerge Keynote.

“Sometimes in order to truly see, you have to learn not to see,” says frog CEO Harry West on finding ways to solve for new challenges. This is especially pertinent today, as customer expectations across our biggest markets are rapidly shifting. The ways in which people are interacting with brands are completely different than we’ve ever experienced before–customers are sharing more information in return for more personalization. Companies like Facebook and Amazon are already capitalizing on this flood of customer data, but the financial industry has a unique opportunity to development smart, personalized financial products and services that meet their customers where they are, while also keeping their best interests in mind. 

But creating the right product for your customer is not always as simple as it sounds. At his 2018 EMERGE Keynote, Harry shared some apt examples of how even the smartest products are rendered useless if they do not speak directly to their customers. And as we’ve seen in the news, companies who mishandle customer data face possibly irreversible breaches in trust.

This is why design plays such an important role: we are the partner on the ground watching people interact with products and services in order to pick up on behaviors and patterns that may open up entirely new areas of value outside of a business’s core offering. Design has always been able to reinvent products and transform experiences via 2D interactions or and 3D space. Today, as Harry says: “we’re adding a new dimension to design — you.” By utilizing emerging technologies like AI and machine learning algorithms, we are augmenting experiences to be hyper-personal and accessible. But we’re doing so in thoughtful, human-centered ways.

“We have to watch out for the balance between the simplicity that good design brings to an experience, versus the seduction or manipulation of our customers.”
–Harry West

With the right design tools, this balance is possible to strike. We strive for it everyday by designing experiences that bring ease and joy to customers, while providing new value opportunities to brands and clients. 

Find out more about frog’s customer experience design tools and watch Harry’s full keynote speech at CFSI Emerge


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